Our practice exists based on the hypothesis that fashion can be a conduit toward self-actualization.

We intend to be known for translating metaphysical ideas and universal nature to garments and personal effects. A commitment to lifelong learning in the field of consciousness and the human search for meaning is aligned with our fashion study.

Our aesthetic will be playful, poetic, and hyper-real. Our shapes, classic with exaggerated features and focused on the wearers ability to flow. Our stories will be thoughtful, loving, and rich.

Offerings will be decidedly limited in quantities and traded outside of the traditional fashion system. From hand drawn prints through to embellishment and embroidery, values only a human touch can realize are being applied.
Standards are set uncomfortably high and ever increasing. Luxury is in the details.

We will serve Quality focused humans who turn clothing into an art form via their self-expression. Our decisions are led by best serving the user and the realized product; aiming toward a lifelong relationship that goes beyond that of subject-object. So, while our things are made to be treasured, it’s really the meaning that is the reward.