Care is the first principle in everything we do.

Human touch is what elevates our garments. The people who dedicate their lives to mastering craft enable our hand-illustrated prints, precision hand-cuts, and hand-embroidery.

From our bespoke fabric created using ancient Indian agriculture to the dye we use; everything is organic.  We create with the least amount of harm to nature as possible.

Luxury is in the details and as such, our standards are set uncomfortably high. Decisions are based toward the highest face of Quality. Which is why  silk thread, metal and glass are the materials for embroidery. Linings are pure silk; and our buttons are mother of pearl.

By keeping our offering limited, it allows us to pay our own artisans consistently. We also are able to grant the same level of personal attention to each garment and give our output rareness.

Our intention is to enable the wearer to feel fluid and achieve a relaxed and elevated state. Garments are sized to fit the widest possible range of souls and their bodies. Features such as our Three-Choice-Magnet on our Flow Suit Jacket or our Spread Short Sleeve that can be worn as a shirt or dress, create further possibilities in wearability and silhouette. 

House Shapes act as a canvas for unique Expressions presented as Chapters, that build upon one another, delivering a wardrobe that transcends expiration. We don’t look to reinvent the wheel with each passing Chapter, instead slowly introducing new silhouettes, with a focus on transformation through how we continually bring them to life.