the menace of ‘just’

One word can make all the diference in the world.

Take ‘just.’

Apparently, it rates as the 51st most commonly used word in the English language, beating ‘good’ by a rank of 14.

Think about how many times, today alone, you’ve heard it; said it; or more importantly - thought it.

Turns out ‘just’ is a polysemous word in it having several related meanings. No big deal - lots of words are poly now-a-days and rightly so.

Though, I know which spiteful meaning my leaning was constantly weighted toward.

Is it ‘just’ in the sense of proper; merited; lawful; reasonable?

Or, precisely; recently; barely; almost?

Actually? Really? Positively?

Nah. Most of the time it's that little hidden meaning that turns a potential gem into a throw away.

We all know what ‘just’ in that case means.

Only; not-enough; insubstantial.

It’s prolifc and when you tune into the ear worm, bet you’ll spot that ‘just’ more than you could imagine.

Persig writes on the outside exploitation -

“When you are trained to despise ‘just what you like’, of course, you become a much more obedient servant of others - a good slave. When you learn not do ‘just what you like’ then the System loves you.”

Guess what, the worst culprit of trigger happy ‘just’, comes from an enemy state close to home - ‘you’.

'Just’ is maximum security self incarnation and can be a lifetime sentence of telling ourselves (and often projecting from others), that something we are interested in; or have a feeling for; or care deeply about; is 'just an opinion’ or ‘just an idea’ or ‘just a feeling.’ Or, put to use as the destroyer of gratitude for the now and maker for relentless crippling desire for a future of ‘better’ (which, never ever exists as there’s always another ‘if I could just…’)

How do you beat ‘just’? Enthusiasm. Coming from two Greek words: “en,” meaning “within,” and “theos,” meaning “God”. The word “enthusiasm” is literally the God within. ‘Just’ can kill the early forms of enthusiasm (interest -> eagerness -> passion ->), and as such the chance to actualize those opinions, ideas, feelings, or aspirations (the closest thing I can fnd toward desire/goals that feels less attached). Though, if enthusiasm is deep enough and originates from one’s nature, it brings everything into its wave of dynamism and glides with ease over any merely; trivialization; or some day maybe, you may fnd out there in the choppy ego.

Strike ‘just’ from your vocabulary. Keep your third ear open to your internal monologue and when you hear it, take as an auspicious sign of what to run toward and attack with gumption, rather than retreating in self-defense and fear.

It’s an idea