the menace of ‘just’

One word can make all the diference in the world. Take ‘just.’ Apparently, it rates as the 51st most commonly used word in the English language, beating ‘good’ by a rank of 14. Think about how many times, today alone, you’ve heard it; said it; or more importantly - thought it. Turns out ‘just’ is a polysemous word in it having several related meanings. No big deal - lots of words are poly now-a-days and rightly so. Though, I know which spiteful meaning my leaning was constantly weighted toward. Is it ‘just’ in the sense of proper; merited; lawful; reasonable? Or, precisely; recently; barely; almost? Actually? Really? Positively? Nah. Most of the time it's that little hidden meaning that turns...

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to make a Reality of one self

“Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished” Francis Bacon, Of Nature in Men The highest and most elusive reward to life is arriving at oneself. Or perhaps, it’s more accurate to say, returning to oneself. As young children, before our conditioning and conscious awareness, we have all experienced the freedom of true Nature. Despite not holding many recollections of our frst years, we are given clues. An early ‘memory’ I have (I think) is being around fve years old and being asked what I wanted to be when I was a grown up. My reply - “a house.”“Be realistic” was the constrain. “A tree” - the split response. Despite the years to follow of getting back into a box,...

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